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3 Best Golf GPS APPS

We tested them all & we finally found the best 3 golf gps apps for to improve your game. These apps are highly developed with many great play functions, so here is the full report.

swingu: golf gps app

#1. SwingU

SwingU is the NO#1. Choice of every golfer as it allows the user to measure accurate distances to every green and hazard. It is packed with scorecards and stats from which you can get insights that will improve your game significantly. SwingU helps in monitoring your handicap and allows you to calculate it into your net score. Not only has it calculated the live wind speed, but it also measures elevation data for better yardage and club selection. Spice things up by using the in-round betting games and make things interesting by placing bets per player or per point. Entertain yourselves by using the SwingU app as it has more than 600 videos from the top 100 instructors of the world. This is by-far the only app that allows 1 on 1 personalized lessons and training from certified gold instructors, for more golf instruction visit SwingU Clubhouse. It is trusted by 5 million golfers around the world with the highest average of 4.7* on the app stores. The product has 800 thousand positive reviews on every app store. The app can be also used on your golf gps app for apple watch.

swingu best golf gps app

golf pad

#2. Golf Pad

It serves as the personal caddie and is loaded with the ultimate features to assist every golfer. It is the best range finder, scoring, and shot tracking app with lots of free features. Now golfers can play as many courses as often as they want anywhere in the world without overthinking their next hit. Users can view actual aerial maps and can calculate distances to the front, middle and back of the green or any point on courses. Gold pad not only provides layups but also provides elevation along with 40,000 worldwide courses. Smarten up your golf clubs by downloading the semi paid app.

Golf Pad
Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard

#3. Hole19

It is till now the most complete app for golfers whether they are new to the game or are pros in hitting it to the deserved spot. The app allows the user to find out the best course near them. The app comprises of more than 43,000 golf courses which are rated and reviewed by the top golfers from all over the world. Download the app now if you want to get more precise GPS distances to key hazards or for the complete overview of the hole. Hole19 assists the user in making the right decisions during their round. Users can choose the scoring mode function for quickly tracking their scores or can use the GPS only mode if they want to check the distances to the front, center, and back of the green. Users can also keep track of all of their golf rounds and visualize their success in the form of a digital scorecard.

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